Cognition and emotion are mainly the outcome of neural machinery in the cortex, hippocampus and amygdala and the relationship between these structures. However, the function of cortical structures is modulated by subcortical projections arising from the basal forebrain. The medial septum and magnocellular basal forebrain are the main source of cholinergic transmission to the hippocampus, amygdala and cortex. In addition, the medial septum contains GABAergic and glutamatergic neurons that equally project to those structures. Dysregulation of these circuits results in important neurological deficits including epilepsy and Alzheimer disease (AD).

Focused on this system, symposia, practical workshops and selected free presentations and posters will provide frontier knowledge on medial septum structure and function and also new approaches ranging from the cellular biology to computational neuroscience. The first symposium will analyze: “New tools in the study of the neurobiology of septum- hippocampus and amygdala relationships”. Methodologies and techniques will be a basic element in this proposed workshop. Bidirectional flow from models to actual systems and vice-versa are providing new interpretations on the role of each component of the system. Besides, new biotechnology approaches are providing new tools to interfere the function of the neuronal elements to produce allows of function or a gain-of function which allows to dissect the particular activity of each element and the global function of the system.  The second symposium is entitled: “From neuronal development to cellular function”. It will be a forum of the cellular and structural development of the medial septum. The third symposium: “Anatomic and functional organization of the septo-hipocampal and septum-amygdala systems” will be a forum for discussion of the theta rhythm as the basic element of septal modulation of hippocampal function. The forth symposium: “Basal forebrain modulation of behavior” will be a forum to move through the outcome of medial septal function. Finally, the fifth symposium: “Pathology in the basal telencephalon” will be focused on the association of medial septum to Alzheimer’s disease.

A session of practical workshops will provide students with basic tools related to moder techniques including RNAscope, designing viral particles, nanotechnology and biomaterials and computational models.

Each day we will have either a practical workshop or a poster or oral presentation for general attendants. Although the main focus of the workshop is medial septum, studies on other related studies will be welcome, specially those reporting a new methodological approach. These sessions will provide an opportunity to networking between attendants.

Two social events are scheduled to facilitate communications between attendants. The inland of Castellon Province is a beautiful area to practice trekking. Also the coast is a touristic area with nice castles.añadir otra.

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